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Are You Ready to Make the SHIFT ?


If you are seeking to produce more consistent results and increase your effectiveness in your work and life (leading to more productivity and profitability) instead of feeling stuck or controlled by your circumstances, consider investing in yourself this year through a personal/professional development program by utilizing the support of an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach.

My Promise to You:

I will NOT try to "sell" you during this meeting. I will simply have a casual conversation with you about what's going on with your business, career or life. By the end of our meeting you will know whether a coaching program can help and whether I am the right coach to support you in achieving your long-term goals. If I am not the right Coach for you I will help you determine who to contact to get what you need.

 Did you know....

If you own a business, coaching programs are TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a professional development expense. If you do not own your own business, check with your HR Department to see if they offer any professional development program benefits you can apply for.

How to Schedule Your Complimentary Meeting

If you are serious about investing your time and money in a program or product that will support you in moving from where you are now in your personal and/or professional life to where you WANT to be.....please send an email to [Kris @ BeginToShift .com] with the following information:

     - Your First & Last Name

     - Email

     - Phone # (note if cell/work/home):

     - Where did you hear about my company?

     - Meeting availability (9-3:30 PM / Mon-Fri):


Once I receive your meeting request I will contact you to confirm one of those timeframes or suggest another one. If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, please give me a call at 404-551-3601 in case your email got lost in cyberspace.






P.S. - If you know of others in your network who might benefit from an Executive or Life Coaching Program, please send a 3-way email to me at Info@BeginToShift.com.


Have a wonderful day!


Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro
ICF Certified Coach / Trainer / Facilitator / Author








































































































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